Popular Cheeses

Types of Cheese : Popular Cheeses

There are numerous types of cheeses, and we've sought to provide information on five of the more commonly sought or popular cheeses.

Goat Cheese - made from goat milk. It is sometimes called ‘chevre’. Goat cheese comes in a wide array of forms. It can either be made firm or semi-firm in

Cheddar Cheese - originates from an English village called "Cheddar". It is a firm cheese made from cow’s milk and is one of the most popular types of cheese in the world

Blue Cheese - is a common categorization of cow's milk and/or goat's milk cheeses with a blue or blue-green mold. The blue mold in these cheeses is due to mold spores

Swiss Cheese - is the general name for numerous tpyes of cheese that were initially prepared in Switzerland. It is also known as Emmental. Swiss cheese is made from cow’s milk

Feta Cheese - is one of the oldest cheeses in the world, and is said to be a genuine product from Greece.

types of cheese: grated-and-sliced-cheese.