Mozzarella - Pasta Filata or Stretched Curd Cheese

Types of Cheese: Mozzarella - Pasta Filata or Stretched Curd Cheese

Traditional Mozzarella is a fresh, stretched curd (pasta filata) cheese made from the milk of water buffalo. The curds are kneaded in hot water to give the stretched texture which looks like rolled chicken breast. It is formed into hand size balls and is sold in a mixture of brine and whey. As a freshly made cheese it is delicious with a delicate milky flavour. It can be eaten like an apple, or sliced with tomato, basil and a little olive oil. Its claim to fame however is the elastic nature of the cheese when melted, an essential ingredient for a pizza.

Traditional mozzarella balls are not suited to large scale manufacturing as they have a limited shelf life. A longer keeping block Mozzarella, with a more rubbery texture is made on a large commercial scale at the Dansco factory at Newcastle Emlyn. The popularity of pizzas has ensured the success of this product and the continuation of cheesemaking at Newcastle Emlyn.
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