types of Cheese: Speciality Cheese - Cheese with Additives

Types of Cheese : Speciality Cheese - Cheese with Additives

There is a vast range of these as can be seen under each individual cheesemaker. Herbs such as sage can be added to the curd during the cheesemaking process. It was customary to add a green colour (chlorophyll) such as strained chopped cabbage or spinach. That colour if added, is now obtained commercially. Most additives, both sweet and savoury, are mixed with the cheese after it has been made. The cheese is broken up or milled into pieces, the additive mixed in and the whole reformed into a recognisable shape. Additives are mixed into soft cheese or the cheese can be rolled in the additive giving the whole product an attractive presentation.
Types of Cheese: mozzarella-pasta-filata-or-stretched.