Types of Cheese: Gouda

Types of Cheese
: Gouda
Small variations in the cheesemaking recipe produce a vast variety of cheese. In the Gouda type of cheese, some of the whey is removed and replaced with water, thus it is known as a washed curd cheese. Once the curd is compacted under this watery whey mixture, it is cut and moulded. There is no texturing as for the Cheddar type of cheese.
The result is a supple, mild cheese with a buttery taste.
Some might say the texture was more of a plastic nature. It is a different texture to the traditional cheese of the UK and typical of that found on the Continent of Europe. The cheese matures with a range of flavours as complex as any, especially if it is made from raw organic milk.The starter cultures used for this type of cheese often contain bacteria that produce gas. This collects in the curd and cheese as it matures, producing small holes in the finished product. Few of these cheese are wrapped. The rind is left to form naturally but they are frequently cleaned and waxed before being sold to the retailer or consumer.